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If you have been looking for an infrared heater you may have heard about the latest brand of infrared heaters by ATI Heaters (Advanced Tech Infrared). After researching and comparing the top brands on the market we nominated ATI Heaters as the best deal on the market of the 2012-2013 season and here’s why…

Great Customer Service & Fast FREE Shipping:

Since we ordered online, which was quick and easy, we didn’t really have to deal with anyone. After I sent the order I did call their phone number and a friendly sounding lady answered the phone. She answered all the questions I had, told me they would send out the heater right away, and we ended the call. It took five days to get our heater in the mail, which I thought was rather impressive for them shipping it that fast for free.

Our First Impression of ATI Infrared heaters:

Upon receiving the Heat Pro Heater,  we were impressed with the quality of its solid construction. The cabinet itself is made of a durable, high impact – resistant polycarbonate plastic with a black matte finish giving the infrared heater a high end look (looks great in any room – other models have a sleek wood grain finish). All ATI heater models have a digital thermostat ranging from 60F-90F and a remote control so you can adjust the heat setting without having to get up from where you are to raise or lower the heat level to your comfort zone. The unit itself has wheels on it for easy mobility so you or even your kids can move it around from room to room with no problems. (My 4 year old son/curtain monkey can push it across the living room carpet easily)

Performance/Our experience of the Heat Pro Infrared Heater:

Just like other quality infrared heaters, ATI Heaters can easily heat up a well insulated 1000 square foot room within a few minutes as well as efficiently maintain a comfortable room temperature without having to have your furnace or baseboard heat running nonstop. After turning on the Heat Pro heater it took approx 15 – 20 minutes to substantially notice it working in a 600 sqft room. This is pretty common when it comes to using infrared heaters since you are not JUST heating up the air in the room and circulating it around, you are actually heating up the room (floor & walls), yourself, and objects in the room with infrared rays. ATI infrared heaters also have a powerful quiet scroll fan that they include in their design to help capture the heat produced by the heater and distribute it evenly throughout the room you are in (from floor to ceiling there is only a 2-3F difference). Also while running the heater for an hour the outside of the unit was warm to the touch but not too HOT that it would burn someone or start anything on fire, which makes it safe to have around pets or children.

Built In Air purification Filter – HEPA Filter, PCO/UV Air Purifier & Humidifier Models Available!

Another thing we found amazing for the price with ATI’s heaters is they have a lifetime washable air filter built in all of their models that helps purify the air as the heater is running. I absolutely love this feature, I am still amazed at how much stuff I find in the filter each time I go to clean it. – I’m glad me or my family are not breathing that stuff in.

ATI Heaters also have models that include an HEPA/PCO/UV air purifier and Humidifier option. The HEPA air purification/humidifier model catches 99.5% of particulates in the air as small as 0.3 microns in size. All air purification models eliminate odors, pet dander, pollen, chemicals, smoke; and kill bacteria, mold, mildew and other volatile airborne compounds that may be found in the air that you breathe in. All air purification models can be used without having to run the heater allowing you to use the air purification system during the spring, summer, and fall months when you don’t need to have the heater running. View Models Here>>

Safety Features of ATI Infrared Heaters:

ATI infrared heaters are dual insulated so they stay cool to the touch no matter how long they run. They also have an overheat & tip-over auto shut-off sensor that will tell the heater to shut off immediately if for any reason it gets too hot or ends up getting flipped over. All ATI heaters are ETL certified to ensure they are built to the highest safety standards.

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee & 3 Year Warranty:

If you are not completely happy with your ATI Infrared Heater in the first 30 days of using it you can send it back and not have to pay any BS restocking fees. I also like the fact they stand behind their product for 3 years because it allows you to easily make your money back in savings while knowing if anything happens for any reason they will fix or replace the unit for free of charge in that time frame.


ATI infrared heaters are only $199 – $299 depending on the model and what kind of sale they have going on (plus free shipping) compared to the $300-$500+ price of equal or lesser quality competing brands that do not include having an air purifier/humidifier or their shipping costs.

Our Conclusion

If you are looking for an affordable Infrared heater that gets the job done, looks good, and is backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty plus a lifetime heating element warranty, we highly recommend checking out ATI’s heater models at

Visit their official website here – Heaters starting at $159.99 >>

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The TRUTH about saving money with infrared heaters!

Ok, I’d like to clear a few things up before we go over this. I’m sure if you have been shopping around for infrared heaters you have seen those “slick willy” advertisements that say something like this “Cut your heating bills by 50%, just buy our heater NOW and plug it in and start saving today!OMG!!!”, lol. I shake my head every time I see those ads, don’t fall for that bs.

To set the record straight, infrared heaters themselves are not solely responsible for saving you money on your heating bill, they are just a tool. The act of “zone” heating your home while using a more efficient heating source than your furnace or baseboard heat to heat the main rooms you use the most vs paying to fully heat your entire home’s unused areas like the basement or additional rooms is what is actually saving you on your heating bill.

A better example of “zone” heating is instead of keeping your thermostat set at 70F-75F(or whatever your comfort level is) all winter long heating up the used and unused areas of your home, people instead keep their thermostat turned down to the 50’s – 60’s while using an infrared heater or a space heater of some type to maintain the areas they are most often using to their comfort level. By doing this you save on the energy consumption you would have used to keep your whole house heated at the 70F-75F vs the difference in energy cost of what it takes to maintain your home heated at the 50F – 60F plus the minimal cost of running an infrared heater to heat the high traffic areas of your home to the 70F-75F you want.

For those of you who speak in math equations :P

Cost to heat whole house at 70F to 75F  –  (Cost to heat whole house in the 50’s or 60’s + Cost to heat main areas of use at 70F to 75F with an infrared heater) = Savings

You may be thinking “I can do this with a regular $50 electric heater I can pick up on clearance”, and you would be right. However, that $50 heater wouldn’t be near as efficient (you wouldn’t save as much $) as a good quality electric infrared heater since infrared heaters require far less energy to produce large amounts of heat compared to the typical electric convection heater.

So back to the original question, how much can you save using Infrared heaters to heat your home? The answer is, there is no definite answer. How much you save will determine on how you use your infrared heater, the size of the area you are heating, what kind of heat you are currently using (propane, electric, fuel), and how well insulated the area you are trying to heat is. All I can say is, for us, using our infrared heaters for zone heating (we use two for our main level) we save $400-$600/year on heating costs depending on how cold the winters get here in northern Minnesota. I know a few friends and family members of mine save anywhere from $300-$500/year up to $700 -$1000/year zone heating their homes with infrared heaters.

Needless to say, its easy to see the reason why infrared heaters are getting so popular due to the amount of money they can save you. $500-$700+/yr may not sound like HUGE savings but in today’s economy every little bit helps.

I hope this information helps better clarify how you can save $$$ on your heating bill by using an infrared heater to zone heat your home.

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- Brad


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*30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee & 3 year warranty


Top 3 Infrared Heater Brands

Infrared heaters have grown in popularity year after year. This means more infrared heating companies are entering the market all the time. As a result, consumers have many different choices when it comes to infrared heaters. Choosing the best one can be difficult and requires quite a bit of research.

To help you out, we’ve done the research for you. We’ve found the best three infrared heater brands in the world and listed them here for your convenience. If you’re ready to start saving money on your home’s heating – and make it more comfortable in the process – then we can help you find the perfect infrared heater.

3) Eden Pure

Coming in at number 3 on our list of the best infrared heaters is Eden Pure. You might have seen Eden Pure on your TV lately, as the company’s heaters have recently been featured in infomercials. The company even features Family Feud host Richard Karn as its spokesman. Karn claims that he uses Eden Pure infrared heaters in his California home and he finds them to be very “safe and reliable.”

Eden pure offers four different types of infrared heaters, but they all basically look the same. The heater is housed in a wooden box that features a metal grate along the front. The heater uses quartz infrared technology to heat any room in the home.

We ranked Eden Pure at number 3 on our list because, like many of the ‘As Seen on TV’ products, they did not seem to be built to last compared some of the other brands we tested. Eden Pure heaters often feature lower-quality manufacturing and materials, all of which make it a less versatile device than the next two options on our list. The heater is also too small to heat up larger rooms, which limits its usefulness. Priced at $347.00 for the most basic model, the Eden Pure heater is also one of the most expensive options on our list.

2) Comfort Furnace

Like Eden Pure, Comfort Furnace uses quartz infrared heating technology to distribute heat evenly around the room. It’s noticeably more powerful than the Eden Pure heaters, but still not as good as the number one option on our list.

That being said, the products offered by Comfort Furnace are incredibly stylish. Each heater features an all-natural oak wood exterior, making it look classy while fitting into the style of any room in your house. The heaters also feature top-quality parts and materials, which ensures that the heating process is as efficient as possible.

Comfort Furnace has also put a special emphasis on heat distribution. Instead of traditional space heaters which leave ‘cold pockets’ around the room, the infrared heater technology offered by Comfort Furnace manages to get into every nook and cranny in the room. Because of that, Comfort Furnace prides itself on offering warm, comfortable products.

Comfort Furnace also has a wider selection of infrared products than any other company listed here. In addition to offering a selection of infrared heaters, Comfort Furnace features infrared saunas and even air purifiers. Saunas are crafted with a beautiful wooden exterior and feature tempered glass doors, interior reading lights, and an attractive LED control panel. There are three different sauna models available, ranging from the 3-person “Grand Corner” model to the 1 person “Studio Edition.”

The best part about Comfort Furnace is its 3-year warranty and free shipping policy. The company also has a 30 day money back guarantee, making the purchase of Comfort Furnace infrared heaters a risk-free process. Prices range from $269.00 for basic heater models to several thousand dollars for the full saunas.

1) ATI (Advanced Tech Infrared) Heaters

While the other two companies listed here provide good-quality saunas at decent prices, they pale in comparison to the number one infrared heating company on our list: ATI Heaters. ATI infrared heaters spread their heat to every corner of a room while consuming the same amount of energy – if not less energy – as other devices listed here. That means users get the maximum amount of savings on their home’s energy bill while staying as warm and cozy as possible.

ATI Heaters are also incredibly quiet, which makes it ideal for a bedroom or television room. Fan noise never exceeds 32dB.

But what we like most about ATI Heaters is the price. At $199, ATI Heaters provide the best value on our list by far. And, best of all, the company doesn’t cut corners on materials either. Most heaters from ATI feature a finely finished wood design in an attractive casing that will look good anywhere in your home. To make the deal even sweeter, ATI Heaters offers free shipping on all orders.

We also appreciate the safety features that ATI Heaters includes on all of its infrared heaters. When a heater is tipped over, it immediately shuts off via an internal circuit breaker. This reduces the risk of fire damage and keeps you and your family safe. Surprisingly, heaters from Comfort Furnace do not have this feature, and Eden Pure models simply feature a thermal cut off when the device gets too hot.

As if we needed another reason to love ATI Heaters, the company also has incredibly friendly customer service representatives. Customers can call a phone number for any questions they might have about infrared heaters and the ATI Heaters line of products. Or, they can send an email in order to get an instant response. All ATI products are also under warranty for three years.

The infrared heaters from ATI Heaters have the perfect combination of style, efficiency, and affordability. For all of these reasons, we’re proud to award ATI Heaters the number one spot on our list of the world’s best infrared heater brands.

The winner – ATI Infrared Heaters

During our hours of research into the infrared heater industry, the world’s best infrared heating solution was obvious. When you order products from ATI, quality, efficiency, and reliability are all guaranteed. ATI Heaters also has the results and performance to back up those claims, making it the best infrared heater company in the industry as far as price of the unit/getting the job done by a long shot.

View ATI Heaters here – Heaters Starting at $159.99 – Air Purifier & Humidifier models now available! >>

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