What are infrared heaters? And how do infrared heaters work?

Infrared heaters are the latest trend in the home heating industry. People all over the world are switching to infrared heaters in order to cut heating costs and provide a safer solution for their family.

What are infrared heaters? How do infrared heaters work? And why are they so popular? In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to answer all of those questions for you.

So what is an infrared heater?

Infrared heaters use electromagnetic radiation to heat any room in your home. Just like a traditional heater, infrared heaters operate on the idea that hot air will move from a warm element to the surrounding environment.

Unlike traditional heaters, infrared heaters do not use flames or chemicals to heat a room. Instead, they simply use the power of infrared heat. Infrared heaters can use a number of different fuel sources, including electricity, natural gas, and propane, among others. These fuel sources heat up a special infrared element, which then distributes heat around the room.

However, due to the unique energy of infrared heat, these elements do not have to reach a high temperature in order to effectively heat up a room. Instead, they simply need to be activated by the fuel source, after which infrared rays will scatter themselves around the room in which the heater is placed.

Like other types of heaters, infrared heaters can also spin to distribute heat evenly around the room. Since infrared is already a perfect way to distribute even amounts of heat around your home, finding an infrared heater with a fan can make it an even more powerful heating solution.

And, as you might know, the sun warms our planet using infrared heat. As a result, infrared heaters replicate the feel of a sunny day, making them a natural and soothing replacement to other types of heaters.

People appreciate infrared heaters for a number of different reasons. They help homeowners reduce their heating bill by up to 50%, for example, and infrared heaters give off a more natural type of warmth that fills the room instead of being concentrated in one spot.

How safe are infrared heaters?

When people hear the word ‘electromagnetic radiation’, they might not think of safe, efficient heating technology. While there are dangerous types of radiation in the world, infrared heating is perfectly safe to use. In fact, many people consider infrared to be the safest type of heating on the market today.

Since the elements on an infrared heater do not warm up as much as they do on other types of heaters, they’re perfectly safe to use around children and pets. And, when dust or airborne contaminants come into contact with the heater, they don’t give off dangerous fumes, making infrared heaters a popular choice for those who suffer from allergies.

Some infrared heater brands – like Bear Heaters – also feature anti-tipping protection. If the heater gets bumped or falls over, it will immediately turn off. This feature significantly reduces the risk of a house fire and can help keep you and your family safe.

As you can see, infrared heaters are perfectly safe to use, which is one of many reasons why they’re showing up in homes and offices around the world.

Why should I use an infrared heater?

We’ve already hinted at a few of the benefits of infrared heaters. Here are a few of the reasons why infrared heaters are such a popular home heating solution:

Natural warmth

Most of us enjoy feeling the sun’s warmth. It’s a natural part of being human. Unfortunately, traditional space heaters rarely replicate the feel of the sun’s warmth, and they end up feeling more like a concentrated flame heat source than a natural warming solution.

Like our sun, infrared heaters use infrared energy to provide heat. Because of that fact, infrared heaters have a more natural and soothing feel to them that many people appreciate. If you want to enjoy the feel of the sun on those cold winter nights, then infrared heaters are simply your best heating option.

Cost savings on your energy bill

What’s the point of turning on your entire home’s heating system if you’re just using one room in your house? With infrared heaters – and any space heaters – you can choose to heat up only the rooms of your house that you use. This instantly saves tens of dollars off your heating bill every month.

However, infrared heaters are even more efficient than traditional space heaters, which means that users can double the savings on their energy bill. Infrared heaters convert up to 86% of their fuel energy into heat, making them more efficient than many other types of heating solutions. Most infrared heater users end up saving between 30 and 50% from their monthly energy bills.


Traditional space heaters are noisy and distracting. Infrared heaters produce barely any noise at all – even when their fans are on. Whether you’re watching TV or trying to fall asleep at night, it’s easy to appreciate just how quiet these space heaters can be.


Whether you’ve got kids and pets running around your house, or you just want to avoid a house fire, infrared heaters are the safest heating solution on the market today. Since the infrared elements don’t become as hot as the elements on other types of heaters, the chance of a fire is greatly reduced. Furthermore, users can safely sit next to an infrared heater without worrying about the negative health effects.

Infrared heaters create clean, breathable air

Traditional heaters burn just about everything they come in contact with. That means the dust and airborne particles flying around your home will create fumes after landing on the heater’s elements. As you probably know, these fumes are rarely good for your health.

Infrared heaters, on the other hand, do not rely on hot elements in order to generate heat, which means that dust particles can safely land on the heater without contaminating the surrounding environment. Infrared heaters simply create clean, breathable air, which makes them a perfect solution for allergy sufferers or for anybody who likes their home’s air to be clean and healthy.




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